A guide to selling as a property developer or investor

A guide to selling as a property developer or investor

We’ve been serving the people of Leicester since 1998 and we’ve helped scores of investors and developers sell their properties and maximise their profit.

We’ve created this guide to give you the confidence to sell your project with us and provide all the information you need when choosing your agent.

Whether you’re a first-time property developer, an experienced investor, you’ve refurbished a single dwelling or have newly built multiple homes, we’ve got the experience and know-how to sell your property and make you a healthy return.

We take the stress away from selling investment properties. That’s because we understand your financial commitments, the time and effort spent on your project, and the priority of freeing up your cash.

As established agents in Leicester, we know what sells and to whom. We have a proven track record of selling on behalf of investors and developers just like you.

If you’re thinking about buying an investment property, speak to us about the current market demands and what kinds of homes our residential buyers and landlords are looking for.

Thank you for your time, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

In This Guide

What investors & developers need to know

Whether you’re a full-time property developer or have invested for the first time, here are some common questions investors and developers ask us.

Can you sell property off-plan?

We offer potential buyers all the necessary information, such as spec, timescales, and design.

Our marketing is strong, creative, and consistent. Our policy is to begin ‘low-key marketing’ as early as possible. This means building a list of people to make aware of your project and its potential as a new home for them. The earlier we start this process, the bigger the list of buyers we can create.

If you have a show home, we will engage potential buyers through open days and special events to launch your site. We also help buyers understand plans for a site and how the final development will look. Financially committed buyers can have the benefit of colour options and are willing to pay more for it.

Can you help me develop the right property for the area?

We are a dedicated, local agent so choosing us at the start of your project means we can help you determine:

  • The type of buyer who will be interested in your property
  • The current market demand
  • The level of spec and layout buyers want
  • How to get more from your site or building

We make it our business to know what people are looking for in our area, so we can help you target your design to local buyers. We have the time and knowledge to ensure you start your project on the right foot and can work with you and your architect to ensure your plans suit the current market.

Can you help me find future investments?

Once we know what you’re looking for, we can help you find future investments in the area. Our connections with the local community and business owners help us to source land deals and keep an eye out for properties in need of refurbishment. We look at the whole market – not just our own listings.

Why shouldn’t I sell the property myself to save money?

While there’s no reason you can’t sell your property yourself, it does mean a lot of extra work. Yes, you’ll save money when it comes to fees, but you’ll also need to pay for marketing, professional photography, and a valuation. Arranging and conducting viewings, as well as dealing with enquiries and seeking feedback, can also be time-consuming.

Our sales team manages every step for you, and we keep fees as competitive as possible. In addition, our team will market your property by using the latest technology and we have access to all the major property portals. We also have a database of hundreds of local buyers. The reduction in workload for you, coupled with the higher prices we will achieve by maximising the opportunity for buyers, will far outweigh our fees.

How can I maximise my profit if I use an agency?

What you pay in fees, you save in time and effort. Our team will work tirelessly to get you the highest asking price for your investment property.

Work with us from the start of your project so we can:

  • Advise on the design process to attract the ideal buyer and achieve the best possible price
  • Undertake a thorough and considered valuation process
  • Create and organise a marketing plan
  • Answer enquiries and take care of viewings

We’re a proactive team that knows what our buyers want.

Why should I choose you over a corporate or national agency?

Choosing the right agent to sell your property is crucial, as you want to sell for the best price with the quickest turnaround. So, why are we right for you?

  • We are independent – you’ll be treated as a person, not a number on a spreadsheet
  • Our sales team is driven and enthusiastic
  • We have extensive area knowledge (we are hyper-local, not a corporate head office, miles away)
  • Our personalised sales experience comes highly recommended
We take the time to get to know our clients and deliver personalised care and service.

Five top tips for selling an investment/development

You might be an investor looking to flip a project or a developer selling properties off-plan. Either way, you’ll want to get your property sold quickly and for the best possible price.

Target your ideal buyer
For example, if you’re building a block of apartments, your ideal buyers could be young professionals, landlords, or downsizers. Or, if you want to flip a three-bedroom semi, the property could appeal to families or a couple.
Keep it neutral
To achieve a quick sale, keep your design choices and colour palettes as neutral as possible. Homeowners want to put their stamp on a property, not feel restricted by your choice of feature walls or colour schemes.
Ask your agent
Seek ideas from your agent, especially at the start. There is no point overspending on a project. A good estate agent will have ideas on how to match market demand, save you money, and extract more profit.
Work with a team you trust
Selling a property is complicated and, as an investor, you might be dealing with additional factors such as equity partners, a bridging lender, and contractors – all of whom require payment. So, the most important thing you can do is hire a team that you can trust to perform. Not only do you need an estate agent to deliver, but you’ll want a conveyancer or solicitor that can meet your timescales and who understands your financial pressures.
Make us your first point of contact
No one is better placed to get your property sale moving. Once we’re instructed, we will organise a valuation and professional photography. As well as advertising the property on relevant sites, we contact potential buyers from our extensive database who are looking for your exact property type. Within days, we’ll have organised viewings and when selling off-plan, we’ll help interested buyers understand the plans and projected timescales.

What investors & developers should look for from an exceptional estate agent

An agency with a proven track record

Choose an agent that understands your aim: to achieve the highest sale price to meet your projected profit level. We don’t just advertise your property on Rightmove and wait for results. We’re proactive and contact potential buyers to get things moving. We have years of experience working with investors and developers just like you, so you can rest assured we'll get the right results. Just take a look at our online reviews if you need convincing.

Similar properties

Look for an agent selling similar properties to yours. They will have a database of potential buyers looking for what you are selling. Agents who can demonstrate a specialist understanding of your property type will be best placed to sell your property in the shortest timeframe.

Marketing skills

An agent must know the area they’re working in. They need to understand who is buying locally and what they’re looking for. A good knowledge of schools, commuting times, amenities, and transport links is vital. Your chosen agent should also know your property inside out, be able to answer any questions a buyer may have, and show off the best aspects of your property.

Good communication

Your agent must be willing to communicate, keep you informed of buyer feedback, and let you know if things within the property could be improved.

Your agent should proactively contact you to discuss the selling process, the types of people viewing your project, and any issues. Don’t waste your time with an agent who uses a ‘one-strategy-fits-all’ approach. Every property, seller, and buyer has individual needs, and we adapt our sales approach accordingly.

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