Leicester Gardeners: Five Mistakes to Avoid in Your Summer Garden

July is a busy month for green-fingered gardeners, with plants in full bloom and outdoor areas needing extra care. 

However, even experienced gardeners can make mistakes that affect their garden’s health and attractiveness. 

Here are five common gardening mistakes to avoid this July, along with tips to keep your garden thriving.

  • Neglecting to water properly

During the hot summer months, plants need more water to stay healthy. One common mistake is watering too little or at the wrong time. Watering in the middle of the day can lead to evaporation, wasting water and not reaching the roots. To avoid this, water your garden early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler. Ensure you water deeply to encourage strong root growth.

2) Overlooking mulching

Mulching, where a layer of material is spread over the soil surface around plants, is essential in July to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds and regulate soil temperature. Many gardeners neglect mulching, leading to dry soil and stressed plants. Apply a layer of organic mulch, such as wood chips or straw, around your plants. This not only conserves moisture but also improves soil health as it decomposes.

3) Ignoring deadheading

Deadheading, or removing dead flowers, encourages plants to produce more blooms. Failing to deadhead can result in fewer flowers and a less vibrant garden. Regularly check your flowering plants and remove faded blooms to promote new growth. This is especially important for annuals and perennials that bloom throughout the summer.

4) Forgetting to fertilise

July is a critical time for fertilising your garden. Plants are in their peak growing season and need a boost of nutrients. A common mistake is skipping fertilisation, leading to nutrient deficiencies and weaker plants. Use a balanced, slow-release fertiliser or compost to nourish your plants. Follow the recommended application rates to avoid over-fertilisation, which can harm your plants.

5) Not protecting against pests and diseases

Summer heat can bring a surge of pests and diseases. Ignoring these threats can lead to significant damage to your garden. Keep a close eye on your plants for signs of pests like aphids, slugs and caterpillars. Use natural remedies like neem oil or introduce beneficial insects like ladybirds to control pest populations. Additionally, ensure good air circulation around plants to prevent fungal diseases.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can maintain a healthy and ‘happy’ garden throughout July – perfect for basking in on a summer’s afternoon/evening.

Thanks for reading.


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