Some people think the earth is flat

And in parts of Spain they believe eating grapes as the midnight bell chimes on New Years Eve will bring them 12 months of good luck

Some are convinced that walking under a ladder is unclucky

We often come across homeowners who believe all an estate agent needs to do is simply put a property on an internet portal and the world wide web will do the rest.

Now, we’re not suggesting the internet isn’t an important part of successfully marketing a property. It is.

But it’s not the be all and end all. To attract the maximum number of prospective buyers you need to appear in more places than simply online.

Over the 20 years we’ve been serving the people of Leicester we’ve learned all the methods to market properties well.

These include embracing other technologies such as video, 3D tours, open homes, social media, email campaigns and of course, our own website.

By being one of the area’s leading agents we have a strong brand and our instantly recognisable For Sale boards continue to drum up a lot of interest.

Our three offices are also all in prominent locations (Clarendon Park, Oadby & Wigston) meaning properties featured in our window displays are looked at by thousands of people every week.

As much as we use technology and other marketing tools, we never forget that the good, old fashioned people-to-people approach always generates interest in properties on our books.

We’ll pick up the phone and make our database aware whenever we list a property that matches their wishes.


And all the above are reasons why we achieve, on average, 1.5% of the final sale price (£4,000) more than our largest competitor ensuring your property is never under sold, putting more money in your back pocket when the property sale goes through.

If you would like to know about how we attract the best buyers who will pay the highest price, please contact us today for a no obligation chat.