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March has been buzzing with activity in the property market in Clarendon Park, The Knightons & Stoneygate

🎉 Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening:

🔍 New Instructions: Despite a slight dip, we’ve seen a steady flow of new properties entering the market, offering fresh opportunities for buyers and investors alike!

💼 Sales Agreed: The market remains robust with a consistent number of sales agreements, reflecting strong buyer demand and seller confidence.

🏠 Exchanged Properties: While there’s been a slight decrease in completed transactions, those sealing the deal are finding their dream homes and investments!

🚫 Withdrawn Properties: Great news! The number of properties withdrawn from the market has significantly reduced, indicating stability and commitment from both buyers and sellers.

💰 Price Changes: With 34 adjustments this month, it’s clear that flexibility is key! Sellers are adapting to market dynamics, ensuring competitive pricing and maximizing value.

📈🔥 Overall, March has been a dynamic month in the property market, showcasing resilience, adaptability, and exciting opportunities for all! Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, now is the time to seize the moment and make your move! 💼🏠

Here’s a quick snapshot of the property market trends comparing March 2023 to 2024 in the Oadby area. 

🔹 New Instructions: More properties are hitting the market in 2024, showing increased seller activity and expanded choices for buyers! 🏡💼

🔹 Sales Agreed: While there’s been a dip in sales agreements, buyers can still find great deals with a bit of patience and flexibility! 💰🤝

🔹 Exchanged: Completed transactions have decreased slightly, signaling a shift in market dynamics and perhaps a time for strategic negotiation. 📉🔍

🔹 Withdrawn: The number of properties withdrawn has risen, suggesting sellers are reassessing their options or holding out for better offers. 🔄🤔

🔹 Cancelled Sales: Fewer cancelled sales indicate improved transaction stability, promising smoother deals for buyers and sellers alike! 📝✅

🔹 Price Changes: Despite minor fluctuations, pricing strategies remain relatively steady, offering consistency and transparency to market participants. 💼💵

In summary, the market is evolving, presenting opportunities and challenges for both buyers and sellers. Stay informed, stay agile, and seize the moment in today’s dynamic real estate landscape

🏠📊 March 2023 vs. 2024: Wigston Market Summary 📈✨

  • New Instructions: Upward trend continues with 82 new properties listed in 2024, indicating increased seller confidence and more options for buyers.

  • Sales Agreed: Despite a slight increase to 67, sales agreements remain strong, reflecting sustained buyer interest and active market participation.

  • Exchanged: Significant drop from 35 to 17 exchanges in 2024 suggests a slowdown in completed transactions, possibly influenced by market conditions or buyer hesitancy.

  • Withdrawn: A positive decline from 34 to 22 withdrawn properties indicates improved market stability and fewer uncertainties for sellers.

  • Cancelled Sales: Marginal increase to 8 cancelled sales indicates minor disruptions but overall transactional resilience.

  • Price Changes: Almost consistent with 43 adjustments in 2024, showcasing market adaptability and steady pricing strategies.

In essence, while certain aspects show signs of moderation, the market retains its vigor and adaptability, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers. 📉💼 


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