Letting Your Property

Being a landlord carries many legal obligations and responsibilities and we want you to feel informed, confident and comfortable with the letting process

Marketing your investment property

Marketing a rental property effectively is crucial to attract potential tenants and ensure a steady stream of inquiries. By investing time and effort into marketing, you increase the likelihood of finding reliable and responsible tenants for your rental property.

Professional Photography

High-quality photos are essential so our agents are trained in professional photography, and all of our photos are enhanced as standard.


Eye-Catching Visuals: videos are essential for showcasing your home's best features and capturing your property in the best light.

3D Virtual Tour

These virtual tours of your home, allow potential buyers to explore the property from the comfort of their own homes.

the Legal & Regulatory Maze

Being a landlord is a responsible role and carries hundreds of legal obligations. Here is a summary of just some of the maze of laws and regulations.

01. Consents to Let

Do you have permission from your mortgage lender to let the property? Does your buildings insurer know the property is let out and are you adequately covered? If the property is leasehold, have you gained the necessary leasehold consents?

02. tenancy Agreement

This is a very important contractual document in the lettings process. The Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) is the most common type of agreement which provides the tenant with certain protections and gives the landlord rights to regain possession. There are other forms of tenancy agreement, it is however vital the correct tenancy agreement is used for the circumstances to ensure you are properly protected.

03. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Properties built after 1992 must have mains-wired smoke alarms on each floor. It’s a legal requirement that landlords provide at least one battery operated smoke alarm per floor and where there is a solid fuel appliance, carbon monoxide alarms must also be installed in the property. Don’t forget to make sure they are installed in the appropriate places within the home.

04. Gas & Electrical Safety

Every gas appliance must be checked by a certified Gas Safe engineer before a tenant moves in and annually thereafter. The electrical wiring in the rented property must be checked at least every five years by a qualified and certified NICEIC electrician to verify its safety

05. Energy Performance Certificate

As a landlord, your property must have one of these certificates assessing its energy performance.

06. Tax on Rental Property Income

All rental income from property in the UK is taxable. If you are unsure of your liabilities, we recommend you contact a specialist tax accountant.

Other rules and regulations to consider include:

Right to Rent | Deposit Handling | Requirements | Fire Safety Measures |The Deregulation Act | The Tenant Fee Ban | Furniture and Furnishings Fire Regulations | Inventories | Deposit Protection

The information on this page is for guide purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice.

Our Four Tiers of Lettings Services

We offer different tiers of service. From entry level, where we will find you a quality tenant and carry out the introductory work, right through to V.I.P offering full property management. This means you can sit back and relax knowing that we are taking care of everything, including collecting rents, arranging safety checks and ensuring maintenance and repairs are undertaken promptly and professionally.

Interested in a rental valuation?

We offer a free no, obligation rental valuation on your property. 

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Finding Good Tenants

In our experience, there are three excellent indicators of a potential tenant’s suitability.


Look out for a good track record of steady employment, sensible personal financial management, and positive past rental experiences. A good letting agent will collate all this information for you to make the most informed decision possible about who to rent to.


A good tenant will treat your property as if it’s their home – because, after all, that’s precisely what it is. That sense of responsibility also applies to paying rent on time, being a good neighbour, and communicating with the landlord and/or letting agent should any issues arise with the property. This type of tenant is always co-operative when it comes to periodic inspections.


The best tenants tend to have their paperwork in order. If requests for documents such as bank statements, ID, application forms, payslips, tax returns, and employment references are handed over swiftly, it’s usually an excellent sign. However, the opposite can often be said if there are delays from a potential tenant in providing requested information.

Keeping Good Tenants

Here are five simple ways to raise the chances of keeping good tenants in your property for longer.


Treating your tenants fairly and respectfully is a recipe for a good, long-term relationship. Remember, your property is their home.


Always communicate clearly with your tenant about matters that affect them.


By quickly dealing with any issues and addressing any concerns, you build trust and rapport with your tenant.


This is a red line for some landlords, but you could be missing out on excellent tenants due to a ‘no pets’ policy.


Many landlords do not have the time or inclination to get involved with the running of their rental. This is where an excellent letting agent steps in to become the reliable bridge between a responsible landlord and a dream tenant.

Saving you time, money & hassle

Good tenants are worth keeping because they save you money, time, and hassle.


A good tenant who stays in your property eliminates void periods and pays the rent on time. This is great for cash flow.


A problem tenant can soon become a time and energy drain if you’re trying to deal with the situation without the help and expertise of a good letting agent.


Once everything is correctly set up, rental payment dates arranged, regular inspections planned, and maintenance matters dealt with promptly, a good tenancy tends to run very smoothly.

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