Get Crafty in Leicester for Christmas 

There are just a few weeks until Christmas and even less until the kids break up for their winter holidays, so it’s the perfect time to get creative and decorate your home with some Crimbo-themed crafts.

Forget last year’s tatty tinsel and dodgy fairy lights; it’s time to channel your inner elf and turn your front room into a festive wonderland (and keep the kids busy while you’re at it).

In this quick read, we’ve pulled some cracking craft ideas out of our Santa hats to get you and your loved ones in the mood for a cosy and cost-effective Christmas. 


What you’ll need:

– Cotton wool

– Glue

– Paper or cardboard

– Scissors

– Felt tip pens

– Coloured tissue paper or felt

Check your bathroom cupboards, it’s likely you’ve got an unused bag of cotton wool lurking around. So, get the kids to create some wintry wall art. Draw two circles on a piece of card for the snowperson’s head and body, and cut out. Glue cotton wool over the head and body, and hey presto, you’ve got a snowperson. Use bits of felt or tissue for the facial features, the scarf and buttons. Easy-peasy.

Tip: You can create a fluffy Father Christmas beard with cotton wool and draw/stick bits and pieces on his face, too. And if you’ve got some paper plates lying around, you can use these for faces or stick two together for a snowman/woman. 

Homemade cards

Save some pounds by getting the kids to make Christmas cards. After all, who doesn’t love the personal touch? Draw, stick, paint, it all works and keeps the little ones occupied while you enjoy a coffee (and get ready for the tidy-up afterwards).

To make the cards extra special, cut out some photographs of the kids that they can stick on and send to friends and relatives.

Festive hats 

What you’ll need:

– Coloured paper

– Scissors

– Glue

– Sequins/felt to decorate

Christmas hats are easy to make and are a great addition to a family s-ELFie (see what we did there?). Use brightly coloured paper to create a cone shape and stick the edges together with glue or tape. Add some cut-out ears for elf hats or some fluffy cotton wool for a Santa hat. Decorate with sequins or felt tip pens to add extra pizzazz.

Christmas is a time for some good old-fashioned family fun. Do you do craft activities with your kids? We’d love to hear some more ideas. Comment below. 


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