How to quickly prepare for a last-minute viewing

There is so much happening in Leicester that we’re sure that with work and family commitments your life is as crazy as ours.  Buyers will be in the same boat and when they request a viewing at short notice you don’t want to let them down.  Saying no may push them into the arms of another vendor who is eager to welcome them into their home no matter how last minute it is.  We know that one of your concerns will be getting your home ready, so we have put together some great tips for those last-minute viewings.


Put it down


One of the most important rooms in your home is your bathroom.  You can still make it look like the haven your buyers are seeking by simply putting down the toilet seat.  While you’re at it, try and hide as many bottles as you can so the surfaces are as clear as possible.  A quick wipe round with something scented will make your bathroom look and smell clean and fresh.


Make it clear


Our kitchen counters can be wonderful storage areas, but although this little bit of extra clutter helps us with daily life it’s not very attractive to potential buyers.  Try and place smaller appliances and canisters in your cupboards so your surfaces are as clear as possible.  If you have time on the way home, grab a small bunch of flowers to display in a suitable area of your kitchen – a bowl of citrus fruit can also add some zest.


Get the temperature right


Who knows what the British weather will have in store on the day of your viewing? One thing we do know is that a house that’s too cold or too hot can be distracting for buyers.  A cosy home is one that buyers want to stay longer in, so if it’s a cold day make sure that the heating is on and, should you have a log burner, could it be lit?


Not too personal


The whole purpose of a viewing is for potential buyers to see if your home is what they’re looking for. We want to see signs that they are starting to see themselves living there, hear them talking about where they would place their furniture, and listen to their excitement as they move around your home.  When you have too many personal photos and mementos on display it can be distracting, as you will be dominating your home and they will struggle to see how they fit in. Why not do a quick edit of your personal accessories to create a blank canvas for their imagination to blossom.


Give them light


Give your buyers a warm welcome by making sure that your home is well lit.  If you have outside lighting, keep it on – this will not only make your house easier to find but also make it more inviting.  It’s not just the exterior that you need to consider, you want each room filled with natural light and, as such, all curtains and blinds should be open.  As the nights are starting to get darker, enhance the natural light with your home’s lights and lamps.  Light homes have a completely different feel to those that are dim.


Even when time is short you can still give your buyers a fantastic viewing experience.

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