Leicester Homeowners & Tenants: Your Ultimate Guide to Property Insurance!

Every corner of your home, from the family heirloom in the lounge to the vibrant garden, is filled with both emotional and financial significance. In Leicester, where homeowners and tenants cherish their properties, understanding property insurance becomes paramount. 

Here’s a snapshot to help you navigate the intricacies:

Why Insurance?

A home often represents a major life investment. Insurance ensures you’re not facing unforeseen damages alone, providing both asset protection and mental peace.

  • Legalities: Mortgage providers usually demand buildings insurance. Without it, homeowners risk severe penalties or even repossession.
  • Priceless Peace of Mind: With potential threats like theft, vandalism, or natural calamities, having an insurance policy offers essential mental comfort.

🔍 Types of Insurance:

  • Buildings Insurance: Covers the structural components against damages from events like fires and floods.
  • Contents Insurance: Protects items inside your home from theft, loss, and accidental damage. Think of it as safeguarding all that makes your house a home. This is the sort of insurance all occupiers, including tenants need to serious consider
  • Landlord Insurance: For those renting out properties, this goes beyond the basic, covering potential legal fees and loss of rent.
  • Accidental Damage Cover: Consider this for extra mishaps like wine spills on carpets or the unfortunate tumble of a treasured vase.

Choosing the Right Policy in Leicester:

Understand your property’s risks: Consider factors like its location and the age of the building.

Shop around by using comparison websites or even chat with insurance advisors in Leicester.

Dive into the details by ensuring your chosen policy covers your specific risks and isn’t just the cheapest option.

Premiums & Excess Explained:

Premiums: Regular payments to keep your policy active. Factors like location in Leicester, the type of your property, and security measures can influence the cost.

Excess: The amount you’ll cover in a claim before insurance kicks in. For instance, if your excess is £400 on a £1,200 claim, you cover/pay the initial £400, and insurance takes care of the rest.

Extra Cover Options:

Legal Expenses Cover: Helpful for property-related legal disputes.

Home Emergency Cover: Quick aid for unexpected home crises.

Personal Possessions Cover: Extends protection for valuables you carry outside.

Garden & Outdoor Cover: For the outdoor enthusiasts, it covers patio sets, sheds, and even plants.
Leicester residents, ensure the heart of your home is well-protected. Dive into property insurance today!


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