Mum’s the Word – Moving Advice for Leicester Families

Here’s the penultimate part of our series of articles on a family’s views on selling up and moving home.

This family of five sold and moved last year, but their experiences (and emotions) are timeless.

We’ve shared the perspectives of a six-year-old, a ‘tweenager’ and a teenager, and now it’s mum’s turn.

The perfect home

“The journey to a new home began excitedly, especially when we found the ‘one’ – the property we loved and wanted.”

An emotional offer 

“I felt joy and disbelief when our offer was accepted. My husband and I were delighted, yet nervous, and as parents, we wondered how our children would react to leaving their familiar surroundings.”

Kids are resilient

“To our relief, the children responded with incredible positivity, highlighting the adaptable nature of young minds, even in the face of a big change.”

Planning and dreaming

“I spent hours on Pinterest, meticulously planning every room in our new home. From paint choices to furnishings, I left no stone unturned in our quest for the perfect home.”

Facing uncertainty

“But the path to our new family home wasn’t smooth. The sale nearly collapsed a week before the exchange of contracts, creating a whirlwind of stress. I did all I could to get the sale back on track.”

The emotional weight of packing

“Amidst this uncertainty, packing became an emotional task. The fear of unpacking without moving loomed large, especially with the thought of breaking bad news to our children.”

Renewed hope and cautious progress

“Thankfully, the property chain was eventually restored, and packing resumed, albeit with a new sense of scepticism and lessened joy.”

A silver lining

“In this stressful time, decluttering the house brought unexpected joy. It was a small but significant positive during a lot of uncertainty.”

Final stages of the move

“With the exchange finally happening and moving day set, our nerves, mine in particular, began to ease, though a hint of apprehension remained.”

Emotional farewells and new beginnings

“The actual move was an emotional rollercoaster. Saying goodbye to our kids’ first home, filled with memories and milestones, was bittersweet. But anticipating new beginnings also brought a sense of pride and excitement.”

First night in the new home

“The first night in our new home was a whirlwind of emotions. The children’s excitement starkly contrasted my realisation that my detailed plans might need re-thinking, but a few months since moving in, we’re getting there.”

Motherly advice

“My advice for others on a similar path to a new family home is simple: involve and be honest with your children, understand the moving process, and always stay positive. A good removal company and an empathetic and experienced estate agent are invaluable for support during these times.”

For friendly, knowledgeable and experienced advice on moving with your family, let’s have a chat.


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