Benefits of

Selling off-market

Being experts in the Leicestershire area we are seeing a growing trend in the number of off-market sales.

An off-market sale is when a property is sold without any advertising on property sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla. It generally results in the owner receiving a higher offer as buyers will pay a premium to avoid their dream home going to the open market.

Buyers registered with Knightsbridge Estate Agents are notified by phone call in the first instance of a new property coming to the market, so our expert agents can encourage viewings before the property is offered to the wider market.

With over 65,000 buyers registered on our database we can target the right buyer looking for your style of property.

The benefits of selling off-market

Selling off-market can sometimes be extremely beneficial to both sellers and purchasers.

With Knightsbridge Estate Agents’ buyer database, the ultimate outcome can occur: the seller receives a quick, no stress, premium outcome, whilst the buyer secures their ideal property, at the exclusion of all other buyers in the open market.

Why do homeowners choose an off-market sale?

Privacy and price maximisation are the main reasons sellers use our

off-market strategy. Buyers can be specifically matched to your property. Often, this can result in higher selling prices as buyers rush to secure the property before it goes live to the open market.

Most buyers who purchase off-market will also be willing to wait for the seller to find their onward purchase, giving them more time to find.

If you as the owner find your next dream home, then your property is ready to market instantly.

Other reasons owners choose off-market

  • They need time to find their next home and are not yet ready to launch into the open market
  • They’re only willing to sell if their agent can generate an offer at a certain price
  • Wanting to avoid the stress and exposure of viewings and a public advertising campaign.

Of course, every seller’s reasoning will be slightly different, which is what makes the off-market strategy flexible and convenient for many.

what is it?

It’s the formal permission needed to deal with someone’s estate, basically their property, money, and possessions when they die.

If you are named in the deceased person’s will as an executor, you can apply for probate.

But even if they didn’t leave a will, depending on your relationship to them, you can apply to become the administrator of the estate.

In most cases, you will need legal permission to sell their property, hence the need to apply for probate.

Prepare Properly

Before applying for probate, it’s advisable to do some preparations if a property is part of their estate.

  • Estimate the value of the deceased’s assets.·
  • From a property perspective, it’s wise to get two or three valuations from respected local estate agents.·
  • Be clear of any valuation as this may have inheritance tax implications further down the line. We suggest contacting HMRC or a solicitor who can advise you professionally.

We have over 30 property experts who are constantly building our off-market database of buyers who have missed out on similar properties or are in the market for one just like yours.

Full marketing materials are prepared for your home, including professional photographs and brochure. This allows us to share your home with registered buyers.

Communication with buyers is key - our property experts know their requirements - matching the right buyer to your property.

Offers and interest are received and reviewed

The property is sold or valuable market feedback is gained ready for open market release.

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