Soaring for a Cause: Stacey, Rob, Hannah, Marnie & Jess Take on a Skydive for LOROS Hospice

Their mission? To leap out of their comfort zones and into the open skies, all in the name of charity.

Their purpose? To raise funds and awareness for LOROS Hospice, a beacon of hope and comfort for those facing life-limiting illnesses in their community.

Stacey said “LOROS holds a special place in our hearts. The care and support they provide patients and their families during such challenging times is truly remarkable. We wanted to do something meaningful to give back and honour their invaluable work.”

Rob, Hannah, Marnie, and Jess echo Stacey’s sentiments. With each heartbeat, they carry the spirit of determination and compassion. “We know it won’t be easy,” says Rob, “but knowing that our efforts will make a difference to those in need is all the motivation we need.”

As they prepare for the ultimate adrenaline rush, thoughts of the hospice and the individuals it serves fuel their resolve. Hannah reflects, “Every pound raised means more comfort, more care, more moments of peace for patients and their loved ones. It’s an honor to be part of something so impactful.”

Marnie adds, “And let’s not forget the incredible team at LOROS. Their dedication and kindness shine bright in every interaction. This skydive is our way of saying thank you for all they do.”

So, please join Stacey, Rob, Hannah, Marnie, and Jess on their journey of courage and compassion. Follow their story, support their cause, and let’s help LOROS Hospice continue to be a beacon of light for those in their darkest hours.

Stay tuned for updates, and if you feel inspired to contribute, visit their fundraising page https://www.justgiving.com/page/knightsbridge-estate-agents-1710700113531?utm_medium=fundraising&utm_content=page%2Fknightsbridge-estate-agents-1710700113531&utm_source=copyLink&utm_campaign=pfp-shareand help them reach new heights in their mission to support LOROS Hospice.

Together, let’s soar for a cause.

🌟✈️ #SkydiveForLOROS #CourageInAction 🪂🏥


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