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Reasons to be Feeling Good in Leicester this Good Friday

A short but sweet 90-second read.

In this quick round-up, we share some of the good news happening during life under lockdown.

Welcome to the third Feelgood Friday update from us at Knightsbridge Estate Agents.

And it’s a Good Friday Easter special as we look at four reasons to be cheerful and optimistic that Leicester, the UK and the planet, will overcome this challenging period.

  • In Leeds, a father has donated more than 2000 Easter eggs to Leeds hospitals as a thank you to the NHS staff who saved his baby daughter’s life. This eggcellent (sorry, we had to) idea has been replicated across the UK with people and businesses donating hundreds of Easter eggs to children’s’ wards, food banks and vulnerable people.
  • Pollution levels in India have plummeted, meaning the snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas are now visible from the city of Pathankot for the first time in 30 years. The sight of the natural wonders has lifted the spirits of the population, which is now under lockdown.
  • Doing a random act of kindness has never been more appreciated. And to help us all The Mental Health Foundation has come up with some straightforward tips to spread the feelgood factor. Check them out via the link at the bottom of this article.
  • Hong Kong Zoo’s Pandas who are notably shy animals, have used the Coronavirus privacy in lockdown to mate for the first time in ten years. Could it be the start of a Panda baby boom?

For a daily dose of feelgood news, it’s worth checking out – it does what it says on the tin.

And finally, we’d like to wish everyone in Leicester a Happy Easter. Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives and …. eat loads of chocolate. (We added that last message).

From all at Knightsbridge Estate Agents.

PS: Here’s that link:

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Our salute to the superheroes in Leicester

If this past month has taught us anything, it may well be this.

And that is never to take anything for granted.

Our health, and that of our loved ones.

Our freedom, and just how precious it is.

And, the superheroes we are blessed with and what they do for us.

There are genuine Supermen and Wonder Women who walk among us in Leicester and who we rely on more than we ever realised.

They are giants protecting those of us who seek refuge in the reassurance and protection of their shadows.

They are the NHS, the delivery drivers, the carers, the cleaners, the shop staff, the teachers, the bin men and women, the postal workers and the emergency services.

They are our family, friends and neighbours, but often, they are total strangers.

And that is why what they are doing for us is so remarkable.

They are the best versions of us.

Before this, many of them were invisible to society. Many of them were undervalued until it became glaringly evident exactly how precious they really are.

At Knightsbridge Estate Agents we’re just estate agents, but the recent life-changing lessons taught to us by these superheroes have brought home what it really means to be of service.

And at 8 pm this evening we will be joining family, friends, neighbours and strangers across Leicester.

We will be standing on our doorsteps, going onto our balconies, stepping into our back gardens and coming together as one to applaud and salute those superheroes on who our lives depend.

We thank them all.

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Reasons to Raise a Smile in Leicester

In this 90 second read we share a quick round-up of some of the good news which is happening during life under lockdown.

Welcome to the second Feelgood Friday update from us at Knightsbridge Estate Agents.

And here are four reasons to be cheerful and optimistic that Leicester, the UK and the planet, will pull through this testing period.

The Care Bears

Following on from the rainbow posters brightening windows across Leicester and the UK we’re now seeing the rise of the ‘care bears.’ This lovely idea is for families to put teddy bears in their windows to brighten up the walks of people as they go by during their daily exercise.

Clap for Carers – An Encore

The UK turned out in force again yesterday evening to give another round of applause for the incredible staff of the NHS. Its popularity has grown since it began last Thursday, and it looks like being a weekly event which brings us together (practising social distancing of course) to celebrate those who are doing so much for our wellbeing and safety.

One to Watch

One of the most uplifting things we’ve seen on the internet this week is the American actor John Krasinski’s Some Good News updates. It’s funny, uplifting, moving and heart-warming. Well worth checking out on YouTube.

And Finally, …Who are your #localheroes?

Not all Superheroes wear capes. And that’s why we want to celebrate Leicester’s #Localheroes. We would love to hear from you about those people who are making a difference to our community.

It could be NHS workers, volunteers, retail staff, good neighbours and anyone who you want recognised for bringing the feelgood factor to life in Leicester.

And remember folks every day that passes brings us closer to this all ending and life returning to normal.

But for now: Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.

Thanks, and keep safe, positive and healthy.

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10 Box Sets to Binge on Leicester – What’s your favourite?

Many of us have a little more time on our hands than usual at the moment.

And while learning a new language, trying at-home workouts and reading classic literature is all well and good, you can’t beat a good bit of sitting on the sofa and binging on addictive TV shows.

At Knightsbridge Estate Agents we’re still working hard for our clients, but we’ve more ‘downtime’ than usual.

So, we’ve come up with ten series for adults that are well worth a watch – some you’ll know, and some might make welcome new arrivals on your must watch lists.

In no particular order:

The Wire – Amazon Prime Video – Crime Drama.

The Sopranos – Sky Box Sets / Amazon Prime Video – Crime Drama.

Upright – Sky Atlantic – Drama / Comedy.

The Tiger King – Netflix – Documentary.

Luther – BBC iPlayer – Crime Drama.

Gomorrah – Amazon Prime Video – Crime Drama

Phone Shop – Channel 4 – Comedy.

Unorthodox – Netflix – Drama.

The Stranger – BBC iPlayer – Crime Drama.

Friday Night Dinner – Channel 4 – Comedy.

What would you recommend we add to our must-see list?

Let us know below or by sending us a message.

Thanks for reading and happy watching.

Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.

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Coronavirus Questions from Tenants and Landlords in Leicester

In this four-minute read, we look at the Government’s guidelines around questions tenants and landlords across Leicester are asking us.

The Government has issued information about the rights and responsibilities that both tenants and landlords in Leicester have during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Below are four common questions being asked by people right now which the Government have addressed in their document – Coronavirus Guidance for Landlords and Tenants.

  • As a tenant, should I stop paying rent during the outbreak?

Tenants should continue to pay rent and abide by all other terms of their tenancy agreement to the best of their ability. The Government has a substantial package of financial support available to tenants, and where they can pay the rent, as usual, they should do. Tenants who are unable to do so should speak to their landlord at the earliest opportunity.

In many if not most cases, the COVID-19 outbreak will not affect tenants’ ability to pay rent. If your ability to pay will be affected, it’s vital to have an early conversation with your landlord. Rent levels agreed in your tenancy agreement remain legally due, and you should discuss with your landlord if you are in difficulty.

  • What can I do about rent arrears?

Tenants should continue to pay rent and abide by all other terms of their tenancy agreement to the best of their ability. Tenants who are unable to do so should speak to their landlord at the earliest opportunity.

The Government’s full answer to this question has much more detail and can be accessed in the Coronavirus Guidance for Landlords and Tenants – which we would be happy to send you a copy of.

  • What can I do about mortgage repayments?

Mortgage lenders have agreed to offer payment holidays of up to three months where this is needed due to Coronavirus-related hardship, including for buy-to-let mortgages. The sum owed remains and mortgages continue to accrue interest during this period.

Where a tenant is unable to pay their rent in full the landlord – if a mortgagor – should discuss this with their lender.

  • As a landlord, should I stop charging rent during this period?

Landlords are not required to do this. Most tenants will be able to pay rent as normal and should continue to do so, as they will remain liable for the rent during this period.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach, as each tenant’s circumstance is different and some will be worse affected in terms of their ability to pay than others. It is important for landlords to be flexible and have a frank and open conversation with their tenants at the earliest opportunity, to allow both parties to agree a sensible way forward.

The phrase ‘no one size fits all’ is particularly appropriate in this situation. And we’re seeing plenty of reasonable co-operation and goodwill from tenants and landlords as we navigate our way through these challenging times.

This is a fast-changing situation, and we appreciate you may have many more questions.  So, please call us on 0116 274 5544 or email us and we can send you the full version of the Government’s latest guidance for tenants and landlords.

We’re still open for business and here to help our landlords, tenants and community.

For the latest updates and advice from the Government visit:

And remember: Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives.