April 1, 2023

25 Today!

At Knightsbridge Estate Agents, we are thrilled to mark a significant milestone in our journey—a journey defined by dedication, integrity, and a deep-rooted commitment to serving our communities. As we celebrate 25 years in the estate agency business, we also celebrate 25 years of unwavering service to the neighbourhoods we proudly call home. Reflecting on our quarter-century legacy fills us with a...

Why Targeting Older Tenants Makes Good Business Sense

Older tenants are a growing force in the private rental sector, so is it time for savvy landlords to proactively target this demographic? It’s one of the most striking trends in the housing sector over the past decade. Between 2011 and 2021, the number of tenants aged between 45 and 64 skyrocketed by 70%, while those over 65 jumped by 38%.* A third of renters are now over 45. And due to high property...

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