August 19, 2023

Navigating Mortgage Holidays: A Comprehensive Guide for Leicester Homeowners

If you have a Leicester home and are considering the idea of 'mortgage holidays' but are unsure about their specifics, this article is for you. A mortgage holiday, also called a payment break, grants you a temporary respite from your mortgage payments. An invaluable option during financial challenges or unforeseen expenditures, mortgage holidays can vary. You might encounter partial payment breaks,...

From Sepia to Selfies – How Photography Has Changed Over the Years

As it’s World Photography Day today, we look at how the camera and its role in society have changed over the past 200 years. Brits do it five times a day, while Americans manage it 20 times a day.* Yes, taking a photograph has become second nature for many of us who snap our pets, holiday destinations, dinner or ourselves without a second thought. Across the world, people take a dizzying 1.81...

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